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Vice Tattoo Age : Troy Denning part 1

Vice Tattoo Age : Troy Denning part 1

In this episode, Tattoo Age visits the New York City tattoo shop, Invisible NYC, and carouses around town to various local spots of Troy Denning’s choosing, such as East Village Japanese restaurant, Village Yokocho, while hanging out with the notorious tattooer and his motley crew of fanatics.
Vice Tattoo Age: Troy Denning

Vice Tattoo Age: Troy Denning

VICE Media has just announced its third artist, New York City based tattooer, Troy Denning, in its original show, Tattoo Age. Developed with support from New Era, Tattoo Age exposes the unassuming lives of five talented tattoo artists, along with their unique styles and personalities.
Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME part 3

Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME part 3

In the final episode of the second installment of Tattoo Age, we get up close and personal with the tattooer behind the notorious “Grime Style.” Friends and coworkers of the San Francisco shop, Skull and Sword, talk about Grime’s unique style of tattooing.
Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME part 2

Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME part 2

Grime gives us a little back-story on how he transitioned from a young skateboarder in Grand Junction, Colorado who thought his future was in mathematics to one of the world’s most accomplished tattoo artists.
Pirate Parfum - pirates of the perfume from Paris

Pirate Parfum – pirates of the perfume from Paris

A treasure jealously guarded for many years by captains of industry turned champions of marketing, perfume is now free. The greatest fragrances owe this liberation to a handful of mavericks, brought together under the Jolly Roger of Pirate Parfum.
Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME part 1

Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME part 1

In the first installment of Grime’s series we hear from tattoo luminaries, Civ and Chris O’Donnell, as they try to put in perspective how revered and unique Grime’s style is.
adidas Originals - All originals

adidas Originals – All originals

There’s one in every crowd, yet no two are the same. They’re authentics. One of a kinds. All shapes, all sizes, all unique. They’re the ones that stand out. They’re the ones that flow freely. And they’re all united in Originality.
Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME's portrait

Vice Tattoo Age : GRIME’s portrait

Grime is one of those who work the hardest in the middle of tatouage.Il is known worldwide for its graphic style: he can exploit the most common topics (snakes, human skulls) and turn them into images that one could have imagined to himself.
Vice Tattoo Age - Part 3 : portrait of Dan Santoro

Vice Tattoo Age – Part 3 : portrait of Dan Santoro

In this episode of Vice Tattoo Age, Dan Santoro explains us how he started collecting antiques, and the link it draws between the antique and his tattoos. In this episode, Dan Santoro also tells the story behind one of his favorite tattoos.
Vice Tattoo Age : Dan Santoro

Vice Tattoo Age : Dan Santoro

Tattoo Age is a series of 5x3 episodes of 12 minutes during which teams VBS.tv follow more closely the tattoo artists in their daily lives, their respective living rooms into their privacy in order to discover these atypical personalities, their inspirations their lifestyle and their vision of the art of tattooing.

Shapeshifter – The System Is a Vampire

How long has it been since you listened to drum ‘n bass? Probably since the slow and gradual disappearance of bands like Asian Dub Foundation … « Why not take this tumultuous and expressionist trip once again? « Such is the Shapeshifter premise. Far from newcomers, this New Zealand group has inflamed both listeners’ hearts at music...

LCD Soundsystem – This is happening

There are CDs that we look forward to with childlike impatience, though not admitting it publicly. After an already 8-year career, two albums, maxis and remixes, not to overlook a successful collaboration with Nike, LCD Sound system is no longer the UFO that surprises our ear, but can now be considered as THE electro rock...
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